Active Antioxidant Body Cream

Size: 227mL

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The first body balm with such a unique composition that actually thickens the skin, improves its regenerative abilities and protects it against damage. The skin on the body also undergoes an aging process - its firmness decreases, discolourations and wrinkles appear, and the blood vessels become more visible.

Suitable For

– Normal
– Dry
– Loss of Skin Firmness
– Uneven Body Tone (Discoloration, Bruising, Vitiligo)
– Tendency to Form Stretch Marks
– Elastic Wrinkles on the Body, Especially on the Neckline, Arms, Knees
– Photoaging of the Skin
– Immediately Before and After Exposure to the Sun
– During Pregnancy (Prevents Stretch Marks)
– Uneven Skin Tone, Brown Discolouration

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